16. mar, 2020

På tide å våkne

Det er mer........

via Daniel Robert Dowell...

The stock market crash taking place right now is fully on schedule and proceeding as expected.
As of Feb 2019, the Federal Reserve was no longer allowed to print more money. As of Feb 16 2020, USA Inc. was forced to default on its foreign debts of $22 Trillion.
This is the real reason the markets are crashing.
The entire FIAT banking system owned by the Cabal and operating illegally for 100 years is now being taken offline. The Federal Reserve (also privately owned by the Cabal) will be allowed to operate for one year in order to remove all outdated US currencies from the world supply after which time the US Treasury will take over. At that point, a new currency will be introduced that will be backed by Gold and fully managed by the US Treasury under constitutional law.
As the world economy collapses, all banks based on the old FIAT system will also collapse with it (Which is pretty much most of the banks of this world). Our debts based on this illegal banking system will be fully forgiven which includes Credit Cards, Mortgages, and all other bank debts. American Birth Certificates were illegally being sold as property bonds by the Department of Transportation under Maritime Law. This will no longer be allowed. A new U.S. Treasury Bank System will be introduced in alignment with Constitutional Law.
Many will be pleased to hear that Income Tax will be abolished as it was being forced on us illegally by the Cabal.
The only tax that will remain in the future will be a 17% Flat Rate Sales tax on Non-Essential Items. Which means food and medicine will not be taxed. The IRS will be dissolved and all its employees will be transferred to the US Treasury national sales tax department. New Government benefits will be initiated towards senior citizens. Unprecedented amounts of funds will be released worldwide for humanitarian projects.
The Corona Virus is being used as a cover-up to freeze international travel and declare a state of emergency while mass arrests are taking place behind the scenes.
On the technology front, more than 6000 suppressed patents will be released to the public. These patents were being held back by the Cabal under the guise of national security. Over the next decade, we will see mind-boggling technologies being rolled out including Free Energy Devices, Anti Gravity Vehicles, and Advanced Sonic Healing devices. Almost all diseases will be eliminated over a short period of time including Cancer. They've had the cures the entire time.
The next era will be an era of World Peace under GESARA law. Presidential and Congressional elections will be introduced 120 days after the implementation of GESARA and Constitutional Law will be reintroduced to all Courts. All National emergencies will be canceled. There will be many arrests taking place for election fraud that has been taking place over the past few decades.
U.S. Military action will be ceased worldwide.
Its already happening - Lookup US Taliban peace treaty as well as Trump's world visits with Saudi Arabia North Korea South Korea India UK etc. All Nuclear weaponry is being eliminated and Nuclear Facilities are being decommissioned. Nuclear reactors for energy will no longer be allowed nor will they be needed in the future.
Our children will see a brighter future as our planet has finally been freed from the clutches of a Satanic Cult. We are in a boiling pot right now as all that is of the old world is being dissolved and all the hidden darkness is coming to surface.
We must hold peace within our hearts and not let fear guide us. The winds of change are upon us and indeed this is a glorious time of celebration for Humanity. This may sound too good to be true but all will be revealed for us to see in the near future. Every Sacrifice we have made to get to this point was well worth it!
ThanQ Jason Mathia!
Thank You Shelley Sól